Poof® Litter Box Odor System and Odor Fighter Cartridge

Poof Products for Pets
Poof® is designed to remove 100% of litter box odors in your house. All one has to do is simply place Poof on top of the covered litter box and plug the low voltage transformer into the wall. A whisper quiet fan pulls fresh air in the front of the litter box and allows no foul odors to escape. The fresh air pulled in mixes with the foul air inside the litter box and passes through the 1-1/2" thick three-part odor filter to be exhausted as fresh air into the room. No odor!!!

Poof® was tested in hundreds of homes over a two year period with rave reviews. Several owners have said, "Nobody knows I have a cat". A truly magical new product for an age old problem.